Australian Federal Election(s) > 151 Independents discuss as a group > Declare a list of policies > Australians (rulers) elect them > Declared a list of policies becomes new Australian Federal Laws.

1. In accordance with a new law, Members of Parliament who fail to fulfill their declared policy or promise will face a minimum sentence of 10 years in jail without the possibility of parole.

2. For working Australians, there will be no tax deducted until their income reaches $2,000,000, making the first $2,000,000 of their earnings completely tax-free.

3. Every Australian is eligible for a weekly allowance of $2,000, and it's not mandatory to actively seek employment. The new law will provide financial support to individuals regardless of their job-seeking status.

4. Wrongdoers are entitled to a fortnightly allowance of $460 per person, but they are required to actively seek employment. Additionally, their wealth becomes a public fund, with an estimated value of 100 trillion dollars. This policy aims to encourage job-seeking and ensures that their resources contribute to public welfare.

5. Australia will implement swift changes to its legal system, with the ability to pass new laws within 24 hours to ensure equal treatment for all citizens except wrongdoers. This initiative includes scrapping royal commissions and ombudsmans. Additionally, lie detector tests will be introduced in all courts, eliminating double standards and establishing a consistent, single standard of justice. Also setup public complaints department to resolve all complaints within 7 days.

6. Australia will committed to providing free education and free medical services for all its citizens, ensuring full access to essential services without financial barriers.

7. Australia will make changes to its age requirements, setting the pension age to 50 and lowering the voting age to 10, ensuring greater inclusivity and accessibility in these aspects of civic life.

8. Australia will take immediate diplomatic actions to repatriate its citizens, including individuals like Julian Paul Assange of WikiLeaks, to ensure their return home.

9. Australia will enact swift measures to address climate change and is capping prices for essential resources such as water, fuel, gas, electricity, and license fees. Furthermore, all state licenses and tickets will be transformed into unified Australian licenses and tickets, making them as accessible and standardized as Australian passports and Medicare.

10. The Independents' Australian Federal Parliament will commit to full transparency, ensuring that no issue will be hidden beneath the carpet, and all matters will be openly and honestly communicated to the Australian people.

11. Applying for public housing in Australia ensures that you will receive a response and secure your housing within a swift 90-day timeframe.

12. Australia will take steps to protect jobs by prohibiting AI (Artificial Intelligence) services and self-checkouts from taking over the roles of its citizens. This action aims to safeguard employment opportunities for Australians.

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